Monday, May 11, 2009

Back at it

I know it's been awhile. Too long, really. And though there may be only a few people who ever read the ramblings in the first place, I owe it to them to get back to the keyboard and talk about life in Lyon.
One of the nice things about living overseas in this day and age is that it is so much easier to enjoy some of the trappings of home than just a few years ago. For instance, for the low price of $14.95, I've been able to listen to as many baseball games on the radio as I would ever want to. Of course, it's all just streamed via the internet. Furthermore, not only do I get to listen to my beloved Yankees wallow in mediocrity, but I can listen in during the morning in France after I get up, since all the broadcasts are archived. It's even gotten to the point that I'm getting tired of the radio ads, although, even there, if I were more motivated, I could always just press a button and skip through those too. Eventually, I'll manage to get my American TV hooked up via a device called a Slingbox, but I've been too busy with other things for that for the time being.
Busy, that is, in part with networking with people in Britain, Martinique, South Africa, Dubai, and throughout the USA... through my guilty pleasure of online scrabble. This too, brings me back to my former penchant for competing at Scrabble tournaments in the states.
Still, if this all sounds a little indulgent, at least I have got back in the swing of running, learning French vocabulary, and, as of last night, playing online Scrabble with Nolwenn in French (against the person in Martinique). It was Nolwenn's first scrabble game, but especially since we won, I doubt it's her last. Then this morning, I scored 114 points on a single play by playing the word "crapped" on a triple word score and hooking it onto another word. Times are good.